Great cut out cookies!

Each box of cookie cutters comes with a recipe that we have tested and re-tested to make sure it produces a great cookie that combines a soft sweet texture but doesn’t spread out too much and lose the cut out shape. What are some of your secrets to great cookies that keep their shape?

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18 Responses to “Great cut out cookies!”

  1. Laura Says:

    I think that recipes that don’t have baking soda in them are the best! That way they keep their shape better. By the way your cookie cutters ROCK!!!!!

  2. Katie Says:

    I bought these cookies cutters about a year ago and I loved loved love the recipe for the cookies. BUT upon taking it to the grocery store to remind myself what I needed I lost it! Anyway you could send a fellow scientist the recipe again? I haven’t found one that works anywhere near as well for cut outs.


  3. ScienceMarshall Says:

    Hi Katie – YES! Thank you for your kind comments, I will send you the recipe right away.

  4. Riana Says:

    I love my science cookie cutters, however I have also lost the recipe, and I remember them being very tasty indeed. Could I please also have the recipe emailed to me?
    Thanks so much!
    Oh, and something else, a mini version of the cookie cutters would be fantastic! I find that when I make them to take into work (a lab), they get broken up and shared as people feel too greedy taking such a big cookie.

  5. ScienceMarshall Says:

    No worries, I will e-mail the recipe to you. We are definitely thinking about smaller cookie cutters, it is something that has been on the design table for a while for consideration. We are also looking at new shapes! Look for those in 2012! Thanks so much!

  6. Amanda R Says:

    My fiance bought me the cookie cutters for Christmas!!!! I can’t wait to take these to work for Lab Week!!! I better get cooking, these things are awesome 🙂 .

  7. Marilyn Says:

    Could I please get the recipe for your sugar cookies that doesn’t loose it’s shape?
    May I also have your perfect icing recipe e-mailed to me?

    Thank you so much,

  8. ScienceMarshall Says:

    No problem Marilyn, it will be in your inbox soon!

  9. DeAndra Says:

    Hi. How do I go about ordering your cookie cutters? They are so cute and I would love to make them for my daughter’s chemistry class!
    Thank you,

  10. ScienceMarshall Says:

    Thanks for your interest in our cutters!  We offer them through web retailers, feel free to Google “Science Lab Cookie Cutters” or visit one of our web partners that carry them. Many places may be sold out right now as we are waiting to re-stock. Here is a quick list of some who have carried the cutters:
    Thanks again, and let us know if you have any other questions!
    “Labcutter” Science Lab Cookie Cutters

  11. Angie Says:

    Hi, I too would like the cookie recipe! My daughter is having a science fair at school and we were looking for DNA shaped cookie cutters, and found your website instead. Your cookie cutters are amazing! So cool!

  12. ScienceMarshall Says:

    Angie – The recipe comes on the inside of the tag of the cookie cutters. But check your inbox, I just sent a copy to you. 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  13. heidi Says:

    I too have purchased the cookie cutter set and love them. I made them for my sons 6th birthday party, problem is that I lost the recipe and want to make them again. They were great. Is there a way you can send me a new copy. Thanks.

  14. ScienceMarshall Says:

    You bet. I will send one right away. Thanks!

  15. ToughyWoughy Says:

    I too have lost my cookie recipe 🙁 Another copy would be great.. they were so delicious! Thanks in advance if you can email it!

  16. ScienceMarshall Says:

    No worries, I just sent over a copy for you! Thanks so much!

  17. Samantha Says:

    Hi, just wondering if these are available in Australia? They are so awesome and I would love to buy them for a friend

  18. ScienceMarshall Says:

    We just recently have been picked up by an Australian company!  You can find them at You can also find them at and other online retailers that ship to Australia.  
    Here is the direct link for the madaboutscience site:
    Happy experimenting!