Perfect Royal Icing!

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So I have never claimed to be an expert decorator.  I leave that up to you guys,  NotSoHumblePie, and the CookiePrincess.  But I did come across this great recipe for royal icing.  You know, the kind that is a bit runny but dries hard and shiny?  It works FABULOUS!  I usually throw in a tablespoon of meringue powder and use about twice as much milk, but man, this icing rocks!  You do have to let it dry overnight before you stack them or get all crazy, but it has really been a great icing for me, a true decorating beginner!!   
Check it out at: does offer a good recipe and an awesome icing tutorial that is totally worth checking out too!!  Check it out here: 

Great cut out cookies!

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Each box of cookie cutters comes with a recipe that we have tested and re-tested to make sure it produces a great cookie that combines a soft sweet texture but doesn’t spread out too much and lose the cut out shape. What are some of your secrets to great cookies that keep their shape?